Sunday, July 18, 2010

Use my stash year : week 29

Much fun was had this weekend with my Gram and cousins. But first an update on all the sewing I did last week as gifts for my sister in-law Laura's birthday and my Gram.

I bought this pattern before we went to Hawaii, intending to make a camera case for myself but never got around to it. Laura likes to take lots of pictures of the kids, so I pulled it out again last week. It's the camera case wristlet by Keyka Lou. A really well written pattern.

I cut the pieces and made one for myself at the same time. Since I hadn't made the pattern before, it was good to have my own to 'practice' on before doing each step on Laura's gift. It hangs perfectly on your wrist and my camera fit perfectly.

There's even a little pocket on the back. This would also be cute to carry around some change and your lip gloss if you didn't need a camera. But I'm glad I made them both at the same time - I may have never gotten to my own if I had waited. I forget how MANY fiddly steps and thick seams are involved with bags.

Laura also loves flannel pillow cases - she uses one year round. I loved the funky butterflies! And her 4yr old is always asking to use her favorite flannel pillow cases, so I made a second with some crazy cupcakes that they can share.

The cool thing about these is that they only have 3 seams - and that includes the french seam! (I hate strings, especially in pillow cases. So I always do french seams.) And even better, there's not a single: evenly turn under raw edge in a cylinder step. Besides adding long boarders and loose strings, my least favorite sewing thing is turning under an even edge on any size tube. I learned this pillowcase method from a friend and I'll be sure to share it this week!

I learned and tried all kinds of things last week. On my Gram's table topper I did straight line quilting that kind of looks like bead board. Appropriately summery I thought. And since I was running out of time, I gave a machine sewn binding a try. It wasn't too bad! I like the look of hand stitched much better, but this certainly was quick.

Overall a very good week!

Busted: 4.396
Purchased: 0.66 - Dream On charm pack win
Net YTD: (31.014)


Anonymous said...

Love those pillowcases, and soft to boot can't go wrong there!

Leslie said...

i love the color combos and fabrics on those did such an awesome job. glad that you had a nice time with your family.

Dee said...

I just saw these wristlets on flickr this morning and thought how cute they were! You've done an awesome job on all your gifts! What a huge heart to give sew much to those you love!

Stephanie said...

Love those camera wristlets, how cute! They would make perfect little bags for carrying some money and keys. Who is the pattern by?