Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm movin' out

I just know that there's a room waiting for me in this home.  Amanda will adopt me, right?

(If for some reason you don't follow Amanda - go visit their amazing new farmhouse that she's been sharing the last few weeks.)

Oh to be a child - and create in this most wonderful library


Leslie said...

i know that blog is not always real life...but they seem lie it is so idyllic and perfect and creative and fun and amazing all of the time. i love this library. i would die to live in a old new england farmhouse.

Stephanie said...

I read her blog too, and lately I'm finding myself hating my home thanks to her lovely new farmhouse. Seriously, a swing in Ezra's room, an awesome soon to be studio that overlooks a pasture, a perfect studio which is only a temporary room, and now a library! I don't know if I can take any moreof her gorgeous home, hahahaha. I'm movin' out too!