Monday, January 03, 2011

Last Bee Blocks of 2010

I still have my Vintage Bee and a new Bee starting up this month, but two of my bees ended in December.

These are the last of those blocks.

Stephanie asked for squares, filled with other squares - however we wanted to do that.  I LOVE this block.  Wasn't too sure what it was going to become as I started it, and got more excited about it as it grew.  Kind of cool - she's going to piece our signature block on the back with a variety of fabric strips that were sent out.  I had fun signing my name to this one, can you see the letters in the bubbles at the right?

 Amy was looking for a couple different sizes of Drunk Love inspired blocks.

In Bee Beautiful, we had decided to do signature blocks for each other every month.   Stephanie sent that extra piece of fabric, and Amy asked that we sign one of our blocks wherever we wanted.  I liked adding my name around a leaf at the top left.

Finally, Nettie sent some of the most fabulous scraps you could ever find, and asked for bright, log cabin houses.  Lots of visitors have stopped by the cat's house - bears, birds, and a friend in a VW.  It looked like the cat was pulling on his riding boots, so I filled the house with more horse riding gear.

That really was two fabulous groups of quilters!  I enjoyed all the blocks both to and from my bees last year.


Stephanie said...

Great Blocks, all of them! But I really love mine, it turned out very cool, can't wait to see it in person.

amy smart said...

I love mine too! You are so talented Angela. I feel so lucky to have been part of this bee with you!

em's scrapbag said...

Beautiful blocks. Bee are so much fun.