Saturday, January 01, 2011

Use my stash year : 2010

Use my stash year was a great success.

I certainly bought a good amount of fabric.....I was surprised to look back over my spreadsheet and find that I bought 117 yards this past year.

It started with 38 yards at the Fabric Shack last January.  Two big 13-17yd months of impulse and hawaii souviner fabric.  Then the rest in dribs and drabs.

But, just like any fast, you crave things less when you haven't had any in a while.  So even though I filled MANY a virtual shopping cart, I learned not to push the BUY button.  

Since week 32 I have only bought fabric twice, for a total of four yards.  
I really want to USE my fabric before I no longer love it.

Made all from stash fabric
With the 5.75yds used in the last couple weeks to make four tree pillows (one more for Caleb's religious Ed teacher) the grand total used this year was a tad over 120 yards.  

I used 3 more yards than I bought in 2010

My fabric cabinet is in no way empty, so I have lots more to use in 2011.  I'm going to continue logging for the new year.  I started the year out with another trip to the Fabric Shack one again.   I'll share the results of that fun once I get it all organized.

Here's to using all our fun fabric in 2011!


onlymehere said...

I bought some fantastic fabric over the internet from a Kauai store and it's been so much fun to use it! I'd seen a sample first bz I'm not that brave to buy before I see and touch it! I'll be blogging how I'm using it this year. I'm loving it. You're more organized than me to keep track of your stash yardage. I just use it up until the tote is empty, lol! I have no idea of the yardage. Have a great year!

Jenny said...

loud loud round of applause for you Angela!!!! I think this might be a good thing for me to do...the spread sheet. I want 2011 to be a year of using my stash too! I can't wait to see what you got at Fabric Shack!!

Amy said...

It is good to keep a spreadsheet. I too was a little shocked when I realized how much I had purchased. You did really good only purchasing twice in the 2nd half of the year and using 120 yards total. Bravo! Wish I could say the same.

Leslie said...

you have made such great things this year with all that awesome fabric.

Goddess in Progress said...

I might have to do that this year. My bins are so full, I really need to concentrate on making with what I have. Perhaps I shall start my spreadsheet right now.

Do I have to count the things I bought two days ago? ;-)

A question for you - how strict are you on what you count? Do you count scraps from the scrap bin? Do you differentiate "scraps" from "stash?" I mean, obviously this is all personal in how you want to keep track, but I'm just curious.

Happy New Year!

Mary Pustejovsky said...

Congrats Angela! That is fantastic. I was keeping track but then lost track a bit. I feel like I've been pretty good lately though, making things with what I have and not "browsing" too much, or if so, not hitting the BUY button, as you say. Great job. Here's to another successful year!

Kelly said...

Happy New Year Angela! Well done on keeping track, it must of been an interesting excersise for you, and I must say I'm tempted to the same this year, we'll see though lol!
But this, "I really want to USE my fabric before I no longer love it." really hits home with me, and I'm sure would resonate with most of us fabric lovers!

L Johnson said...

Great job Angela! I like to put things I like on a wish list and then go back to it a day or two later to see if it is something I really love or have a project for. It seems to help me not to make impulsive purchases. Not that it doesn't happen still.

Stephanie said...

I can't even imagine what my spreadsheet would look like... it kinda scares me. :) That's great that you used a lot of your stash this year! I agree that it's good to use things before you don't like them anymore, I'm starting to realize that myself.

Sherri said...

So great that you used more than you bought...I'm going to keep a spread sheet for 2011...I want to use my fabric before i don't love it anymore too!

Kris said...

I'm impressed! Way to go at resisting the urge to hit the buy button. I did that a lot this year too.

amandajean said...

that is AWESOME that you used more than you bought last year. way to go!!! i started tracking my usage last year, but got bogged down somewhere around summer. i tracked that i used 60+ yards, but i know it was WAY more than that. i'm totally with you, though. i want to use my fabric before i don't love it anymore.

leigh said...

Good job using more than you bought! I also have a renewed desire to use my stash. I also vow to give away a bunch of quilts, because I can't use as many as my stash will make! I think I will go on a bit of a fabric diet for the next few months.