Friday, June 18, 2010

Finding Fabric - here and Hawaii

I've found a bunch of fabric in my mail box the last few days. The stash report isn't going to be pretty on Sunday so I thought I should trickle it in over the next few days :)

Here's a bit turned into awesome hexagons from Milky Robot. We did our own little swap.
I love them!

I totally caved - pushed a button - and this showed up today.

I have a good pile of fabrics from Hawaii that also need shopping details.
On Kauai I went to three shops. I actually printed out Autumn's post and took it with me. Her directions were spot on. All three are within 10 minutes or so of Lihue. Not like anything is far on the tiny island.
Here's Autumn's Kauai fabric shop link.

Of the three, Kapaia Stitchery was my favorite, although probably the priciest. The discount warehouse was the least expensive, and if I had the luggage space I could have loaded up on Kona cottons! Most prints were 3.99 to 5.99 a yard.

I really loved all the sample quilts and wonderful Hawaiian print quilting cotton at Kapaia Stitchery. Back to standard brick and mortar fabric costs, but I could have looked for hours.


Autumn said...

I'm so glad you found that post useful. What a great trip...I think we're going back in November to visit family. More fabric, more fun.

sewtakeahike said...

how fun to visit some fabric shops on your vacation Angela! don't you just love that tufted tweets??? I'm thinking I need a skirt out of the blue/green couch print.

Leslie said...

sometimes it is good to be weak...that fabric is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog look and the stack of new fabric's!

leigh said...

I caved too! And now that I know it's a boy, I might just cave some more!

Dee said...

Heaven on earth and splurging is allowed!

onlymehere said...

I'm so jealous that you were actually in Kauai and found some awesome fabric shops. My son lived there for 3 months and never once mentioned that they had great fabric stores, lol! Okay, okay, in all fairness he's on a mission for our church and isn't there as a tourist, nor if he was would he ever set foot in a fabric store, lol! He's in Oahu now but will probably be transferred the end of July to another island. I love the quilt that had the turtles on it. It reminded me of "Finding Nemo" with the turtles floating through the EAC! Some day I'll get there. I just found you through jaybird quilts and will definitely be back!

jaybird said...

tufted tweets is so worth it!! i got all but 2 prints... now i gotta go find them!!

natalie. beyond the reef said...

the Kapaia Stitchery (and it's Founder, Julie Yukimura) gave me, well, beyond the reef, my start, my very first pattern order! It holds a very fond place in my heart.