Saturday, June 05, 2010


Poipu is on the south coast of Kauai - so it's warm, dry, kind of like a desert with a beach along side it.

The rocky barrier makes a cove with safe, fun water for the kids. Much of Kauai has very dangerous riptides.

They were able to test out snorkeling here, and also the underwater camera. Mark actually caught this picture. Not too bad straight out of the camera. Most photos on my blog I photoshop before posting. It's been kind of fun just dumping them all straight off the card!

We hiked the coast. Again. Tired of hike pictures? I think we're all a little tired from the hikes! (Luckily I've made it to Maui already and am happily lounging right now)

We do love this hike though, to our favorite secret tide pool. They collect all kinds of hermit crabs and fish.

And climb all over the rock sculptures carved out by the ocean. It is a good thing we've been hiking though - I have eaten so much awesome local food. And it is in no way low calorie!


XUE said...

Always love Kauai so I'm enjoying my vacation again through your pics! Happy weekend from Tokyo!

sewtakeahike said...

Angela you live in such a beautiful part of the world! I for one, am definitely not tired of the hiking photos, they're wonderful!

Stephanie said...

The rocks are really neat, I love what the ocean has done to them.

Nichole said...

so beautiful! i'm enjoying your vacation posts. glad to see all of the fun things you have done as we're planning our trip!

onlymehere said...

A member of our church gave my son a Ziploc bag of sand from Poipu beach to send to me so I'd feel like I was a part of his mission! It's fun to see different pictures of it since he can't go on the beach or in the water while he's on his mission.