Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Zipline Safari Adventure

{Feel free to ignore all my vacation photos. I'm posting them for my family to follow along. Although I am going to a quilt shop today :) }



Rope Swing (Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is filming in this spot!)

Ranch ride

Through Jurassic Park

Ready to Zipline

Can you see the landing pad way down there?!

A final zipline jump into a waterfall pool!

It was a fun day with Outfitters Kauai and the cool guide Sean.


Jackie said...

What a fun time you had!!

Kris said...

oh my goodness, that looks awesome!

Blue Is Bleu said...

You guys looked like you were having so much fun! I didn't get to do all that when I was in Hawaii because I'm related to a bunch of shopaholics who bought up half of Hawaii lol

Dee said...

What an awesome mom you are! Exciting to see the pictures and live your vacation with you!

Thanks so much for sharing! Have fun and be safe!

Stephanie said...

That zipline looks awesome!!! Thanks for sharing with us, very cool!

XUE said...

Have been to Kauai twice...& still have not been to any quilt shop there!

Nichole said...

that looks so fun!

Jordan Hood said...

The kids sure had so much fun! It’s healthy for a family to go out on an adventure every once in a while. Taking advantage of the kids’ young age is a good way for parents to get even closer to them. Physical activities like this can develop a strong bond among members of the family. Hawaii is indeed a great place for vacation. Where’s your next stop?

Jordan Hood