Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Julie sent her most favorite Neptune for us in Bee-Beautiful.
I understand the Neptune love - I used it for one of my first quilts.

Those damask turtles are some of my favorite parts of it, so they got featured!
Julie is going to have a fabulous quilt.

We've been doing lots of summery things. Including the zoo.

I loved the chalk set up in the children's area for them to sketch the animals and flowers!

I have also emptied the dishwasher two times a day every day. Boys generate lots of dishes when they're home!


One Flew Over said...

Love the new look!

CitricSugar said...

Your Bee Blocks are Beautiful!!

Good luck keeping the boys busy this summer!

Stephanie said...

I didn't realize those were turtles! Now I really love them :)
That chalk board at the zoo is a great idea. Looks like you're having a geat summer.

Sarah Craig said...

I know it's not very pc but I love paper plates in the summer for that very reason! You can usually get plastic holders at the dollar store to make them more sturdy.....

Dee said...

Neptune is a fave of mine! I hadn't seen the turtles featured that way! Awesome.

Boys. Food. Dishes. Laundry. It only gets better from here my dear! LOL

Enjoy them! Love them! Hug them tight!

leigh said...

I hear you on the dishes! I've been emptying mine twice a day too. (Except I make the boys do it.)

jaybird said...

beautiful blocks!! i'm so excited for this quilt... it's crazy that so many people in our bee had never worked with neptune before!!