Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fun - mostly

We went on a snorkel and dolphin watch cruise to another island. The crew was very excited - said it was an epic day. The stars aligned and there was just the tiniest cloud over Lanai and the channel between islands was like a lake.

You don't see them very often, as they like deeper ocean, but we found a huge pod (100+) of pantropical spotted dolphins. Mark caught a couple jumps that need photoshop - I love how clear the water is and you can see them riding our bow.

The snorkeling was great in a coral lined bay the Pacific has carved out of the island. Everything was awesome until I had to get back onto the boat. Waiting for two people to climb aboard the rocking boat did me in. I think this will be my last small-boat ocean ride. I didn't lose it, but sat feeling quite miserable for the 2hr ride back to Maui.

Becket had fun! Luckily, Maui has great snorkeling off the beach - one of the good sites is just 5 minutes up the beach here in Ka'anapali.

Becket: Mom, do we live here now?
No, but it WOULD be cool to have a huge pirate ship slide in our back yard!


Leslie said...

that sure would be cool

Stephanie said...

I would love a big pirate ship slide in my backyard too! Awesome dolphin trip!

jaybird said...

ok mom... but can we live here? ;-)