Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Honu Story

It's story time.

We won a sand castle building competition at the Marriott. Along with the structure, you had to have a story to go with it. And I think Caleb's story is what won it for us.

I named us 'Team Honu'. Becket brought along his plastic army dudes to add in. With those two things Caleb came up with this:

There was a far away island that was very hard to get to. So only the strongest army guys could make it to the island. When some got there, they found that only two creatures lived on the island - sea turtles and sealions.

One day they found a dead turtle that had died of old age. They thought it was sad, so the army guys wanted to bury it. When they went to bury it, they found that the shell was made of a super strong substance and it could be used to make armor.

So the army guys decided to stay and harvest the shells of the turtles that have died. Because the sealions were so fierce, a large moat and fortress had to be built to keep them safe.

Our finished castle. You can see on the left the honu symbol they constructed. We all won shave ice and a pizza for dinner. It was great fun!

Then Mark and Kenton went snorkeling off the beach nearby and literally came face to face with two huge turtles.

They were as large as Mark - he's 6' tall.

Freaked him out a little when one was eye to eye with him!


Jenny said...

awesome angela! what a great vacation this is!

Leslie said...

what a great story and a amazing encounter.

Blue Is Bleu said...

Oh yay! Congrats on the win :) Great story too hehe

And umm I don't go into the water because I'd be screaming underwater the entire time. LOL! Pretty awesome that they got so close to a turtle though!

Kris said...

Congrats on the win and those pictures of turtles are amazing!

Dee said...

love, love, love, love this post!

awesome adventures and pictures!

jaybird said...

sand castles are fun... but those turtles are amazing!