Friday, June 25, 2010

Use my stash year : week 25

...super late this week.....and super bad.....

Since leaving for Hawaii I haven't sewn a single thing on my machine. I have some bee blocks to get on, but those won't count. And I'm not counting any of the hexagons I'm making until they are made into their final product. Otherwise I won't be able to keep track, really.

half yard bundle of Tufted Tweets
16 FQs from Kerri - crazy amount of cuteness there!
3.5yds of Hawaii fabrics
3.5yds from Pink Chalk - most for free!

While I was away I won a prize in the Blogger Quilt Festival - a gift certificate from Pink Chalk. I was so excited, as I had been eying a bunch of things. Especially these bicycles, and the tiny zoo.

And these wonderful FFAII prints. Look, an orange one for my hexagons!

And I found these, too. Had to add them into the order. The print on the right is a new favorite. I have three more pictures of it for you, since you need even more than that to get it all!

I only bought a half yard and that was barely enough. It is Michael Miller's Tasty Escape and I would say it embodies the family summer vacation perfectly.

It is so jam packed with cuteness that within the half yard I barely have the full repeat. There's a donut shop that is just hanging on each edge that I would have liked more of.

Looking at these pictures I can see that I missed a ton of the cuteness. You'll just have to get 3/4 of a yard for yourself to see it all.

The total damage:

Busted: 0!!!
Purchased: 17 - eek
Net YTD: (35.94)


Kristine Hanson said...

thanks for the info on the cute MM fabric!!

Goddess in Progress said...

OK, I know I should be saying "bad, bad!" for adding to your stash. But OMG, those are some very worth additions!!! I might have to scramble out and get some of that MM print. Has a very Heather Ross feel to it...

~Michelle~ said...

ack! that MM print is stinkin' cute! :)

leigh said...

I have never seen any of those last 4 fabrics. So adorable. I want some of those owls and pussycats too, so cute.

Stephanie said...

Some seriously cute fabric here! I just bought a lot recently though, so I probably shouldn't have just visited your blog!

Kris said...

Oh my goodness that MM print is cute! I think I might need to buy some!

onlymehere said...

No, my son doesn't get any days off of his missionary work and they can't go shopping except for food and necessities. They aren't allowed to do any touristy things either. On the back of your turtle pattern does it say a web address for the designer or anything where I could go to buy one or look at other patterns. Is it a lap quilt or larger? I fell in love with this the minute I saw it. My son will be serving there for two years in Hawaii on different islands. He's on Oahu right now. I'd love to make him a quilt of his memories of being there and this quilt would be the perfect starting point. I also have a granddaughter how loves "Finding Nemo" and we watch it every day! This quilt reminds me of the turtles when they're swimming in the EAC and I could make an adorable "Finding Nemo" quilt for her out of this pattern. I tried to find this store online but I guess they don't have a web site. Thanks for all your help.