Saturday, July 29, 2023

Hello New Friends!

I've met so many of you at the Midwest Native Plant Society Conference - Hello!

If you were hoping to find something in particular, there is a place to contact me in my etsy shop or you can email me directly.  I'm happy to take custom orders:

Due for a 2023 update, in August you will be able to find my in-person market schedule:

My Metier Holiday Markets

Once I take photos of all my remaining items I will upload them for shopping, and you can find them in my etsy shop.

Shop My Metier

I love fabric, and sewing, and talking with all of you in person! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


Thursday, July 14, 2022

The Big Move

I'm moving my shop to my own site!

As I get things set up, and work to upload and move things over, all my etsy store things are going  to be on sale.  


Things are quite rough right now, but have a look around.  I added the coupon code for use on etsy to my home page.  



Thursday, January 20, 2022

Fens and Hiking on the non-sewing days

You have to poke around, and then you find, Life! - Mara

Sunday, December 05, 2021

In Honor of Our Lady

Mark had a fabulous idea - a sale in Honor of Our Lady.

From The Immaculate Conception through The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe everything in my shop that's ready to ship will be on sale!  

"Immaculate Conception c. 1628" by Peter Paul Rubens

Christmas Sewing almost Done!

We have had so much fun at the local craft bazaars, but they are a bit exhausting, that's for sure!

I have a few of the new things I made to load into my etsy shop for Christmas buying....

Click through to my shop - MyMetier

A couple chalk mats left.

And I super love this sock/shawl size knitting bag with matching notions pouch.  The print reminds me of PBS Mystery!

A need to take photos of the fabulous waxed canvas tote bags.

Then it will be onto sewing more stuff for fun!  Although my machine will need to go into the shop for a good cleaning and tuneup soon, so I'll have to pick back up my knitting for a little bit.

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Bazaar Season!

My mom and I are having a great time spending Saturdays at local parish bazaars.  

This week I brought several new things - all of which are new favorites to make.  

So much fun to sew with this amazing custom fabric designed by fellow Catholic Moms.  Our Lady of Lourdes!  Irish Saints!  The Memorare and Hail Mary woven into beautiful florals!  These are just a few of them.

I super love this little project bag - perfect for a sock or small project.  Made with a custom piece of artwork that totally reminds me of PBS mystery.

I brought several new minky-backed baby tag blankets and crinkle teethers.  This one was in another beautiful Catholic print - St Therese of Lisieux.

Finally, I should have made more or these travel chalk placemats.  They went fast!  Cute sharks - dragons - cats.... on one side, chalkboard fabric on the other.  I included a little attached pouch that holds chalk and a micro-fleece erasing cloth.

I have some sewing to do to restock for next week!

Monday, September 06, 2021

My Metier { LLC }


Pretty Exciting - I'm Official.

Spending lots of time getting all my things loaded back onto Etsy.  Seriously takes forever.  

I can sew all of this faster than it's taking me to do the photos, write the blurbs, load it on.  LOL

Visit my shop and check out what all I've been making!

Monday, February 01, 2021

Rotary Cutter Protection : Science Fair Time!

{Eeek!  covid got us the day before Christmas.  We are all recovered, it wasn't fun, and sewing is just getting going again.  Lessons from teaching Mara to sew are finally under way and coming here soon.}

But for now...

It's science fair season.  

I have a mini experiment I stumbled into and now I'm looking to crowd source my quilty friends for the best rotary cutting glove.

Knock on wood!  Many years, tons of quilts and things made, I haven't hurt myself with the rotary blade beyond a couple tiny nicks.  I cringe every time I see a friend post about their severed finger tips and ER visits.

Beyond the catastrophic accidents, changing a blade is a little harrowing as well. 

I have a whole process that involves paper towels and methods for sliding the stack of new blades apart without slicing my finger tips.  You totally have to hold your breath the whole time.  It's tense!

So, I did some searching for strong cut resistant gloves that also left me enough dexterity to change a blade.  I was excited to find some that looked great and also have anti-slip grip.  The gloves just arrived, and they sent the wrong size.  Booo.  

Then I decided to use one of them to conduct a little experiment.


I thought maybe I had pushed a little too hard.  So I tested on a finger tip, as if I was cutting fabric and accidentally ran over my finger. 

Not.  Good.

My thread snips also cut into them.  So disappointed.

Since they were advertised as usable in the kitchen - they are food grade materials and washable - I tested knives on them.  

Interestingly, the glove totally protected against both my sharp chef knife and serrated bread knife.  I gave a good go with each, sawing away. Not a thread frayed.  

Thinking maybe it was the pressure of the scissor action and my downward rotary blade force, I tried cutting the glove with my chef knife - placing the front end and pivoting down with the handle.  Like when you're cutting carrots.  Still not a nick!  

I'm now on the search for what type of glove works against a rotary blade.  I would love to try to dice up a kevlar glove and several others, although it would become pricey very quickly with the kevlar if they keep failing.

What have you found?  Anything you know to work for sure?