Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finished Greek Cross and a confused Gnome

Wait, what month is it?  Mr. Gnome isn't one to complain but he's a little disoriented - what with January nearly upon us and no winter in sight.

gnome friend

I am super happy about this weirdly mild weather - my numerous friends with ice rinks filling their back yards, no so much.  So, I can't shout my excitement too loudly.

Modern Quilt Blogger dream weather is what I will label this weirdness.  I have a boat load of finished quilts that are screaming for their photo shoots - and lucky enough to have my personal slaves children home to help hold quilts up.

Greek Cross

Greek Cross in Red, Blue, and Goldfish

This is one of my mom's favorites, and I agree.  I pulled a bunch of fabulous reds, gathered my clear blues, and tossed in a few of Heather Ross's adorable swimming fish.

Greek Cross

The Greek Cross is a fun one to make - it goes together so nicely, then the fun quartered squares show up in between when you line them all up.

Most of my quilts have a pieced back of some sort, but this time I went with a solid piece of pretty, blue linen.  Combined with the stipple it gives the quilt a wonderful drape.  I also made friends with my spray basting issues and things went perfectly with the wiggly linen here.

Greek Cross

I had a comment left when I was lamenting the stiff issues of spray basting and was given the image of spraying a light coat of Pam on a pan.  I also noticed that it seems to kind of set up after just a bit.  So if you stick down your quilt top and wait just a bit, it's stickier then peeling it up right away.

Thank you to the sunny weather, I have listed this quilt in my etsy shop.

Greek Cross

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I did it!

mini moo cards

I have been wanting to open an etsy shop for more than a year. I finally did it and stuck a link over there on the right!

stack of crayon wallets
I used the Holiday Bazaar as a hard deadline for getting a bunch of stuff done at once, planning on listing things that didn't sell. A major reason I've been putting off the shop is that I didn't want to open it with just a couple of things.

Then I had to actually FILL and OPEN the shop.

Wise words from my friend Stephanie - There's a lot to learn, just jump right in and learn along the way.

rosary pouch

So I did last night. And woke to find my first sale! May be my only one, but it's very exciting.

I'll be photographing, listing, and more making this weekend. And some Christmas fun along the way!

Another good quilty friend mentioned a Flickr app to get photos from my phone uploaded.  It was super easy - I don't know how I had missed knowing about that app.  So I was able to upload the Crate and Barrel tree I mentioned in my last post.  It was super cute at the Bazaar with all the zipper pouches hanging like ornaments. 

Have a very Merry Christmas!  

I'll be off for the next week or so, then back with a year end stash report.  Even though I haven't been reporting weekly as I did last year, I have been tracking just as carefully.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I love Scraps

Becket caught eye of the scraps next to my cutting table and HAD to start stifing through them.  He wanted to make sure I wouldn't toss them out before he got home from school. 

He grabbed a couple and ran up to put them in his room, "I love Scraps!".  Can't blame him, the little pile tried to lure me in as well, but I stepped away as I really don't need any more scraps :)

The Holiday Bazaar went really well.  It was a fast and fun couple of hours.  It started right after mass at 10 and ended about noon.

I sold 3 of the 6 covered notebooks from the last post, several crayon wallets, and a whole BUNCH of earbud pouches.  I had noticed that they were also the perfect size for a rosary - tucked one in and that's what went over so well with the moms at our school.  I was excited that they thought they are as fun as I do for holding a rosary.

I would show you the cute Crate and Barrel tree I found to display the pouches at the Bazaar, but my phone is not being helpful and refuses to send the photo.  Any easy way to get photos off your phone and onto the computer for use besides email?!  It's driving me up the wall.

So, that's what is on my cutting table right now.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Covered Composition Notebooks

The Holiday show, that I'm going to have a table at, is tomorrow.  Eeeek!

I've been stitching like crazy trying to get ready.  I have six quilts to bring.  I know, quilts never sell at shows.

Composition Notebooks

But my main goal has been to have a chance to show my stuff to others, and then put it out there in an etsy shop.  The shop keeps getting put off for other things.  When the call for vendors went out at the Home and School Holiday Brunch and Bazaar I jumped on it as a good deadline for myself.

Figuring I should bring along something that has a possibility of selling, I've made a bunch of fun crafty things to go along with the quilts.  I make as many as I feel like and what strikes me as fun for the day.

Composition Notebooks

This is a set of six covered composition notebooks.  Very fun to make.

The worst part is the anxiety that I'll be showing all these school moms my stuff - I'll see them again after tomorrow and what if they think it's all lame!  The teen-years-horror!