Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Found Again

How ironic that my last post was titled 'Found'.  This one should be, also.

But first a funny conversation....

Me:  So Caleb, do you know what you missed on the test so that you understand it for later?
Caleb:  Yeah, on one I made it negative instead of positive.
Becket:  Did you use a pen?
Caleb:  What?  No, I used a pencil
Becket:  Well then you should have erased it and wrote the right thing.

Good thing we have Becket around to help Caleb!

It was horrible when I thought he was gone forever....

I had set a timer for myself to make sure I didn't get distracted and miss Becket's school bus arrival.  Head out the door at 3:30 for his arrival time at about 3:45.  The bus pulls up at 3:40 and I'm glad I was out early.  The driver opens the door and motions me onto the bus.  I ask where Becket is and she says...



She said she couldn't take me to him as it was - over there (hands waving) - and he already walked away. I ran off the bus, called my 7th grader to leave the house and start searching.  Called 911, who can hardly understand what I'm saying between sobs and can't pinpoint my location since I'm on a cell phone.

A couple blocks later and around a turn I see him.  Crumpled on the sidewalk wailing.  He was so far from our house and had been alone for about 10 minutes at least.

After many a meeting, they never got a Why from the bus driver regarding letting him off alone.  The policy is that a kindergartner is not let off the bus without a parent there for him.  And it sounds like she didn't really understand why I was so upset.  She has been suspended for a couple days but will return to the route.  They have moved the bus stop to the end of my street, instead of one street over.  But I don't trust her, so I'll be picking Becket up myself I think.

I've pretty much been dealing with the bus people and just sitting around being happy Becket is alive, alternated with panic over all the horrible that could have been.  Becket has recovered quite well so far, I'm the one that's traumatized!  So glad we were able to enjoy his first soccer game and get some cute pictures this weekend.  It was a very nice day.