Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bloglovin Link....

Bit the bullet and organized my blogs back into groups, and got their read status up to date, on Bloglovin.

Although that was why I liked Feedly better to begin with, I'm liking the usability of Bloglovin better. Feedly has that graphic, magazine/Pinterest thing going for it, but that seems to make it just too fiddly for use.

One thing I noticed was that if a blog hasn't posted in the past week, there doesn't seem to be a way to link over to their blog, even though it does stay in the reader.

Here's my official link.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Google Reader?!

Update: What I really liked about Reader was how it made it easy to see which blogs had new posts, and also gave folders to group people - like I have my bee people in one spot, 'online friends' in another...

From your speedy tips (Thanks!), I just signed up for both bloglovin and feedly - and at first glance, I think I like feedly much better. Bloglovin crashed in the first attempt at migration, while feedly took just a couple of seconds. Feedly has all my Reader folders and current unread count in place and correct. Bloglovin doesn't seem to have any folders at all, all the unread post counts are wrong, and it's linked to Facebook - which puts me off a bit. Feedly seems to be a Google product? It was happy that I had Chrome.....haven't looked into it that much, yet.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on those two or another...

Lola Bea Fabric

The fabric has nothing to do with the post, but it's pretty!  And the huge stack of photos I've taken for blog posts-to-be are still unedited.

Reader popped up a little message today that it will be gone on July 1st. And I had to use some kind of takeout service to get all my Reader links into some random kind of file.

Is this a hint that we shouldn't bother following all the blogs anymore?! What is everybody going to use, it almost seems strange to go back to a long list of browser bookmarks.

Tell me what you will do......I have no idea what the choices are out there.


Wednesday, March 06, 2013

WIPs - For Baby and Serger

Lola Bea Bag Markings

I have a whole list of WIPs, and ones to start, before school is out and the due date arrives in June.

Knowing that I'll have to start hauling around a bunch of baby stuff, a diaper bag made it high up the list.  I've been saving this yard of Echino for several years, planning on making a bag.  Even though it is theoretically a half yard short for the diaper bag pattern I found, I gave it a try to make it work.

I'm squishing and rotating the pieces. A big puzzle!  For sure, loving the Lola Bea Diaper Bag pattern so far.

first try - epic fail

And THIS is my most challenging WIP in a while.

Serging around tight inside and outside curves.

Epic Fail!

 Hopefully I have something good to share soon, because I'm interested in doing way more than covering simple, straight seams.

Linking up to Lee...

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, March 04, 2013

My New {Serger}!

Birthday Serger

Look what the UPS guy left for me!

I was thinking about it for ages, then my birthday came, and I finally went for it.  I think my Bernina training class did the most to make me feel like I could use this strange, chopping thing.  I figured that if I could understand how to fix the guts, certainly I could make it stitch things together without slicing off my fingers.

Pink BdayPresent

Of course, with a baby girl on the way, my birthday also included lots of wonderful pink stuff.

Becket paper hat

And there was much fun with the tissue paper....


.....almost as much fun as fitting my new toy perfectly onto a shelf in my sewing room.

Now I just have to learn how to use it!  I've pinned a whole ton of stuff, scoured blogs, checked out a book - and I'll be sure to share all the new things I learn.

blanket to chop

First up, I was planning on making some fuzzy PJ pants for Becket.  I could use several new skills on them, and being just PJs, wouldn't have to worry about them looking perfect.

My trip to Target this morning turned up exactly what I needed for them!  I found this 62x90" micro fleece blanket on the clearance shelf, only $7.48 for 2.5yards of super soft fabric.  Way better than JoAnn's with a coupon, and perfect for my first try at serging a piece of clothing.

Lola Bea Fabric

Two of the boys were miserably sick with flu aches last week.  In between drink refills and movie changes, I actually pulled out some of my longest hoarded, most favorite fabrics.  And Cut. Them. Up.

I need a cool diaper bag for this summer!