Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mara Vivian

Mara Vivian

Born June 20, 2013 at 6:13am (labor started the previous evening during the Hawk's game)

7lbs 2oz - 18.5" long


Her coming home outfit. I knit the hat, made Rae's wonderful little dress, and a voile quilt.  It was super strange to bring a baby home in a dress.


All the wonderful baby parts.....


softest feet ever

Soft Feet





tiny head

baby head



Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby sewing projects : #1

I have made so many things in this last crazy month, as I wait for my little one (only 12 more days to go!)

There is no way I'm going to find time to sit and blog them all - but I want to get them up before I lose track of details.  If you want any extra info on anything, I have some info in the flickr links.  And feel free to ask questions.

All my bloggy friends out there - I haven't been reading for at least the past month.  So forgive me for not commenting on all the cool things I'm sure you're doing.

Some super fun tea and chocolate holders I made for the hostesses of my showers - and a couple more were made for teacher gifts:

Hostess Gifts for my shower

Using my snap press :)


The Lola Bag Diaper Bag - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Made with some Echino and quilting cottons that I have been hoarding for the last four years:

The Lola Diaper Bag


spider side

added to Lola

Lola size

The start of my cloth diaper sewing craze:

....most of the patterns can be found at this awesome web site: prefold2fitted.blogspot.com

PUL covers

snap fun

Tried gussets

baabaa conversion

(My serging is getting much better!)
more snaps

Newborn hybrid

Newborn fitteds

(This was my very first cloth diaper - horrbile serging but still so cute!)
first diaper

And one last photo today - Pulled my sticks back out and made a knit wool soaker.
Knit soaker