Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The new year

The preschool director found this photo from many years ago and gave it to me yesterday. I can't believe that the little guy on the right is now....

Starting 6th grade! Caleb is starting 8th (Becket gets to hang home with 3day preschool this year) That's the "you better stand nice and smile" photo.

This is more like how they really felt this morning. They've come home already and their days went as well as a middle school day could. They didn't refuse to go tomorrow - so success!

This was how Becket felt. Poor guy was so sad his brothers were leaving him.

He plans on living inside his quilt fort - only coming out to gather rations.

So long, summer!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Holy Cow!

The summer is speeding to an end
(wish this crazy Amazon wet/hot weather would, too!)

We've been doing summer stuff - like the bucket ride across the Wisconsin state fair.

Eating Fair Food - yummmmm.

Which in Wisconsin includes Cream Puffs as big as your head!

And hey, look - I made something at my machine. A fun, summery table runner that was quilted as I went using Amy's tutorial that's on UCreate as their August project.

I'm on the parent board of Becket's co-op preschool and the meeting was at my house last night. I had to have a cute runner for the occasion! The mascot for our preschool is the owl - so had to include a few cute ones on the the left end there.

And I love the bird fabric on the back, too.

Becket also helped with some summer decorations - dyed rice and pinwheels! We colored the rice with a rubbing alcohol/food color mixture.

Card stock, straws, and some white rubber stamped designs for the pinwheels.

Ever notice that ice cream sundae dishes are hexagons?! With all the crazy it has been mostly handwork around here. Some hexagon fun is up next.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Hexagon Swap

Not much going on with all the scout stuff. So glad Hexagons are portable, so I was able to join in the fun hexagon swap this round! I sent Mr Gnome off this morning.

And a totally random note - my old home popped into my mind while I was on the computer, and with google's yellow streets I thought I may get a chance to see it.

We moved away from Parsons Drive in Avon Lake, Ohio near the start of 5th grade, before I turned 10. I couldn't believe it when the map popped up....

I still have dreams about riding my bike around the neighborhood - to the library - and to school. In my dreams the street is u-shaped and has a little connector street that joins to a line of others.

I totally thought that was just something my brain made up. I don't remember it, but I guess my brain does! That's exactly how the map shows the streets around my old house.

Memories are amazing. Just had to share.