Monday, October 08, 2012

Bernina Training Fun!

Tech training at Bernina

All this week I'm in Technical training with the Bernina people.

How much fun is that?! We all have a table full of tools and our own 830s to take apart. Later in the week we move down to their simpler machines and then to surgers.

Super cool meeting all the other people in the morning - I live only 10 minutes away, but everybody else has us nearly covering the ends of the continental US.  Right now I can recall: southern Indiana, Devner, Boston, West Virgina, Washington State, Texas, Michigan, Alaska.....Wow!

Ice cream snack!

I joked that we're on the training class cruise.  They feed us 4 times in the 9 hours we're there, with crazy amounts of food.

Just had to snap a picture of the ice cream cart that was a part of our afternoon snack choices.  I must brag on today's will power to avoid eating any of them. (Because I can't promise I'll last the whole week, and we won't talk about the big piece of fudge chocolate cake I had at lunch.)

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hexagon Bee Block.....

A little it was a September block.

I am so loving this block!

But I am having the best time making this one.

Never saw that pink print before. It's a wonderful collection of dandelion puffs. I thought the hexagons could echo that feeling and move from one corner to the other.

How long do you wait for your bee-mates' fabric to speak to you before you finally get their blocks made? I'm usually on-time-to-early, but late this month! So glad I waited. This idea just struck me a few days ago.