Monday, June 10, 2013

Baby sewing projects : #1

I have made so many things in this last crazy month, as I wait for my little one (only 12 more days to go!)

There is no way I'm going to find time to sit and blog them all - but I want to get them up before I lose track of details.  If you want any extra info on anything, I have some info in the flickr links.  And feel free to ask questions.

All my bloggy friends out there - I haven't been reading for at least the past month.  So forgive me for not commenting on all the cool things I'm sure you're doing.

Some super fun tea and chocolate holders I made for the hostesses of my showers - and a couple more were made for teacher gifts:

Hostess Gifts for my shower

Using my snap press :)


The Lola Bag Diaper Bag - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Made with some Echino and quilting cottons that I have been hoarding for the last four years:

The Lola Diaper Bag


spider side

added to Lola

Lola size

The start of my cloth diaper sewing craze:

....most of the patterns can be found at this awesome web site:

PUL covers

snap fun

Tried gussets

baabaa conversion

(My serging is getting much better!)
more snaps

Newborn hybrid

Newborn fitteds

(This was my very first cloth diaper - horrbile serging but still so cute!)
first diaper

And one last photo today - Pulled my sticks back out and made a knit wool soaker.
Knit soaker


m @ random musings said...

as someone who grew up in the era of plain white diaper service cloth diapers, let me say: mind blown. These are super adorable!

tooznie said...

Love the diapers and the soaker! Please would you post your pattern links?

Dee said...

Wishing you all the best with the delivery and all the wonderful pink things coming your way!

Stephanie said...

Wow you are so close to welcoming your baby girl! In 13 days we will be celebrating Finn's first birthday... this was the fastest year ever! Best of luck with your delivery, can't wait to see your new addition!

Holli said...

Looking forward to,the arrival of your little one! There's just nothing like it! Do you have a pattern for the tea/chocolate wallets? I LOVE the diapers. Mine were in cloth but always white plain uninteresting, and definitely not cute like yours! Enjoy these special days!!

Lee said...

You look adorable, Angela! Very cute projects too! Good luck in the home stretch. : )

Sharon said...

Those diapers are sooooo adorable! Goodness.
I love your bag, doesn't look like a diaper bag. Best wishes for delivery!

Alicia said...

SO much cuteness!

Lisa said...

First let me say you look absolutely beautiful! Wish I had looked that good when I was pregos! Love all your goodies, you've been a busy little lady!

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Best of luck - can't wait to see the little girl!!

Jenny said...

ONLY days left? time sure flys! love all your projects, best wishes for a speedy, safe delivery

DeniseClaire said...

May I ask what exactly is a soaker used for? The imagination is going all directions...

Can't wait to see the precious little one. ( I had three boys too...and closed up the shop...had my hands full!)

CitricSugar said...

These are all great!!

And don't feel bad about not commenting on blogs - I've been offline for two weeks and I'm neither growing a human being nor looking after four others. :-)