Saturday, November 05, 2022

Hello New Friends!

 I've been meeting so many of you at local holiday craft shows - Hello!

My online shopping page is hanging around, waiting for the busy market season to finish.  I don't want to accidentally sell things online while it's being chosen live at a market.  

But you can see a little hint of what will be coming next, read about me, and also find my current market schedule.

If you were hoping to find something in particular, there is also a place to contact me on either my etsy shop or under the custom tab the photo to get to my web site.

Here is my market schedule:

My Metier Holiday Markets

You can also find a few remaining things and reviews in my etsy shop.

Shop My Metier

I love fabric, and sewing, and talking with all of you in person! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)