Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy as a bee

I decided what to do with the two Neptune layer cakes that came in the quilt kit I bought. I'll make a Bento Box for Becket's room (B Cubed). The layer cake squares will work wonderfully for this. I can get 3 light and 3 dark blocks out of each pair of matching 10x10 squares.

I'm going to use only the blues, blacks, and greens - the lights are all going to be Kona's premium 200ct muslin. It feels like a soft, cool bed sheet. Should be perfect for his room! I only have those two test blocks done so far, as I have been more busy FOR the BEES than sewing.

Yesterday we were out from 8am until 8pm planting and moving stuff. I started counting it up, and stopped at 100 things: perennials, shrubs, grasses, and a few annual pots.

I still have to do the vegetable garden, and add some irrigation.

But first I'll take a break and make some more 2.5" squares for my nine patch blocks before I'm too far behind!


One Flew Over said...

I love the fabric you posted for the bent box quilt - gorgeous! Look at your stash....beautiful!

danielle said...

you are a busy bee! love the fabric stash- JEALOUS : )

Mushyhed said...

WOW!!! you've been busy!! Love your Bento Box blocks!


Love the Bento Box blocks too! It looks like you have been VERY busy though!


Petit Debutant said...

ooh can't wait to see the Neptune Bento