Monday, May 04, 2009

What luck!

I have another chance to stay a bit focused and actually FINISH some things! Spring to Finish will run another month - join me.

{0r at least don't start something new and cool and post about it, leading me horribly astray - I'm looking at you Moda Bake Shop}

With the first non-rainy weekend in quite a while, not much got done inside the last few days. But who can pass up the blooms and a new garden bench!

I did actually finish something AHEAD OF TIME this weekend. I am meeting friends for a birthday breakfast tomorrow morning and thought I should bring a gift. I made a tote bag - for groceries or whatever. I love this fabric and it was the last of what I had.

Now I just need to get those sandwiches quilted! Then you can find me and my binding back in the yard.

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One Flew Over said...

Love the bag! and the blossoms! Lucky you...spring is on it's way