Saturday, May 16, 2009

Week three 9 patch

My third week's nine patch blocks. It is getting harder to decide how to create them, and I was even more worried when I realized we have seven more weeks to go!
As I wonder if all the blocks will 'go together', I think I will have to start trusting more in the magic of the white sashing.
I've also started my Aviary quilt. Those are honey bun strips in sets of three. I must say I was quite proud of myself when I measured the center strips and they were actually 1" wide! I think my seams are getting better.

Liz, over at Teeny Tiny Quilts, asked what we listen to while quilting. Becket took a kid-sized view of my spot in the front room that shows my iHome back there.

I usually listen to various NPR podcasts (This American Life, Planet Money) and The Moth podcast. Nothing I'm doing right now is rocket science, so it's fun to let my mind wander. It actually seems to help when I'm free motion quilting - the result is more organic and prettier if I don't over think it. I have to use the earbuds when actually quilting a top, though. Otherwise you miss all the funny stuff to the hum of the needle. What do you listen to?


Goddess in Progress said...

Ooh, the Aviary strips look lovely!

Podcasts are great, aren't they? You can kind of listen to them and zone out (in a good way) on the quilting.

kangaroo said...

i think your nine-patches are great--and the white sashing will definitely pull them together. that one on the far left is fabulous.

my current favorite is the ladysmith black mambazo pandora mix. other top pandora draws: the be good tanyas, gillian welch, adele, and old crow medicine show.

One Flew Over said...

I must be the only one who doesn't listen to any music when quilting..It's either silent or the tv is humming in the background!

Mushyhed said...

I "watch" tv as I sew. Your nine patches are looking great!!

Kelli said...

Your nine patches are looking fantastic. It was easier for me in the beginning, too. I picked up my favorites and now it takes a bit more thought.

I listen to podcasts while quilting. Like you, I listen to Moth, This American Life. I also like Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Quilting Stash, Crafty Pod, Craft Sanity, and Dave Ramsey.