Sunday, May 24, 2009

Injury is good?

STILL doing yard work. The neighbor jokingly commented that it is like watching the slaves build the pyramid. We finally finished re-planting most of the beds, now we're moving 15 cubic yards of mulch from our driveway to all those beds. For those that haven't had the horror of mulch dumped into their driveway - 15 cubic yards looks like a small mountain after the dump truck leaves. What a way to spend the long holiday weekend, eh!?
I did get a break yesterday as I was forced to sit and ice my knee. It seems that I've been bending too much and now it is terribly swollen. Hurray for injury (I'm telling myself!) as I had time to work on stitching down my binding. Just a couple more breaks like that and then I can finally show the finished quilt!

And just for fun, here are a few whirlygiggle blocks. I'm addicted and will share some more of this picnic quilt next week. We're off to grill and watch Caleb march in the parade.

Have a great weekend!


jaybird said...

great wirlygiggle blocks.. i've been planning on making some since they just look so cute! i'm sorry to hear your knee hurts but we all love a break sometimes!


I love the whirlygiggle blocks. This is on my to do list!

One Flew Over said...

These look fantastic! Hope your knee gets better!

Snowbird said...

So sorry for the injury, but glad you get a break to quilt!

I like the bento box blocks & the inspiration you have through your quilts!! Oh, and the coin quilt-front and back!!

Get better soon! (but still get in lots of quilting!)

Angela said...

I love whirlygiggles too! I have never tried to make them though. How did you do yours? Thanks!

Leslie said...

i too am addicted to the whirtlgiggles. Im am also making mine into a picnic quilt. can't wait to use it.