Sunday, July 30, 2006

How to get some Quiet in 5,000 easy steps

It only took me 3 online hour-long chat sessions with Dell eventually updating and messing with the BIOS, 2 calls to the graphics card chip maker, 1 call to Chris and Dad, and a total of about 8 hours working time - but I did it. I upgraded the graphics on the kids' computer and it now runs the coveted Star Wars Lego video game. I haven't seen the kids for the last two days since. If they weren't reminded to eat I don't think they would ever come up from the computer room in the basement. The only time I hear them is when one of them runs up the stairs as fast as he can and into the bathroom, barely making it in time. Then before I can see who it was, a race back down the stairs so as not to miss any action. If only Becket was old enough to enjoy to game, then I could really get some knitting time in.

As it is, Becket is starting to take a decent afternoon nap, so I can knit for a little while. I'm working on Trellis on a deadline and have the sleeves and most of the back done.

Becket also got his first hair cut yesterday. Not much, just a trim where it was getting all crazy hangin in his ears. With some cheerios for distraction it went quite well. He also got his first bubble bath. Bubbles are fun to explore!