Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So close

I had all the blocks quickly pieced for this wall-hanging quilt and laid them out for joining. Guess I was too quick - that center, left block is wrong. I'll be unpicking it tonight.
I don't know which is worse, frogging my knitting or unpicking seams?!


Mark said...

That Looks Fantastic! Personally I think unpicking seams it the worst, so frustrating!

Jennie said...

Hmmmm... I am not sure which is worse, either!! They are both seriously frustrating! ~ Jennie

One Flew Over said...

I think for me, frogging knitting is worse but that is because knitting takes me FOREVER.

Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Good question! I am lethal with a quick unpick, and have been known to make fabric holes with it. Frogging knitting is soooo scary. Especially lace with yarn-overs!

Love your nine-patch block!