Friday, July 24, 2009


We had a great time in Michigan. The boys caught frogs and ate wild raspberries behind my Gram's apartment. Caleb begged and begged to bring this one home. He eventually went back to the marsh.

Becket waited for pancakes - he's been talking about how she makes the best pancakes for the last month, and told everybody we came across that "Great Gramma is awesome and she makes the best pancakes".

Went to Binder Park Zoo - a wonderful little zoo.

And fed the giraffes in Africa.

I took a picture of the large piece my Mom did for Gram in 1981 - it was in trade for something knit I believe. I always loved trying to find the snail.

And this piece of artwork she bought long ago in Europe. I love it so. Realized I don't have a single picture of my Gram or my pillow - I was busy trying to get them on video. At least I have that! Gram doesn't like taking pictures, so you have to be sneaky.

We played a lot of cards, so just a bit of binding was sewn. And today our hands were busy with blueberries. I'm off to wash and pack up the 16 pounds we picked.


Little Lady Patchwork said...

Wow! You have had a busy time!

I see a lot of blueberry muffins in your future!

Leslie said...

it all looks so wonderful and fun...those pictures are great, and what a fun zoo...feeding the giraffes sounds awesome. i hope the pancakes were all that he was hoping for.