Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank You Moda Ladies!

Camille and Rachel have been doing all kinds of lovely Moda magic for me - and perfect timing for my tea table decoration creations!

Some Twilight love won me an awesome pattern from Rachel! I chose her o christmas tree table runner - go check them out.

And look at this amazing pin cushion I made from Camille's Moda Bake Shop tutorial. I seriously just sat and smiled at it when it was done - it's so dang cute!

Look, her staging even went perfectly with the honey bun cake stand thing I had going.

I used parts of my Figgy Pudding pile and reversed the red and cream, since I have more red yardage. The jelly roll strip worked perfectly for her pattern - see how nicely the piece fits!

The boys were all excited, and thought I bought them a pet lizard. Nope, just filling a few pin cushions with walnut shells.

Becket helped me find some lovely, red buttons for the berries. Here's one more lovely shot. I'm done with all my crazy stars, so I'm off to start the nine mini quilts!


Kris said...

I can't believe you finished the stars already... you're a machine!! That pin cushion is too cute for words! Great job!

One Flew Over said...

Fantastic!! Feels like Christmas already!!

Life of Joy said...

Everything is turning out beautifully. Did you see their cut Thanksgiving Advent Calendar? I might have to try it.

Leslie said...

this is beautiful!! the buttons look great!

amy smart said...

Darling. I laughed at the lizard litter. :)