Friday, March 12, 2010

Use my stash year : week 11

I'm off to camp Friday and Saturday nights with my newest boy scout.  It's their first official camp out and they learn how to pitch the tents and use knives and cook for themselves.  It's supposed to be low 40s, raining, and 40mph gusty winds.  Should be interesting!  
I'll post my week's stash report now, as I may not be functional on Sunday.

So I told you I reshopped my birthday money - it was used up on these three fabrics.
A bunch of wonderful, original Heather Ross Mushrooms.

And some Flea Market Fancy that was being sold to benefit patients with cervical cancer.  A full yard of each.
FMF from 2RedHens
 Busted: 1.319
Purchased: 3.444
Net YTD: (12.143)


Kristine Hanson said...

yeah for new FMF!

Dee said...

I feel like I'm watching "The Biggest Loser" only with fabric! LOL

Be careful this weekend, have tons of fun and enjoy!

Jenny said...

congratulations on the gorgeous new fabrics! have fun this weekend...dress warm!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

pretty new fabric!!

enjoy camp... i'll miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Love the new fabric! I hope you stay warm at Scout camp!

wishes, true and kind said...

Anyone who can camp out under the conditions you described certainly deserves some Heather Ross and FMF! Enjoy, Super Mom!


sewtakeahike said...

awesome purchases! I love watching your fabric numbers. so very cool!

Dresden Quilter said...

I am glad you were able to get some original Heather Ross and the FMF.