Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Bee Fun

We're starting to get a routine going - hurray! It even includes exercising for myself. I'm starting to jiggle where I shouldn't. Next week Becket starts his school, so it will only get better.

For now, I wanted to make sure I finished up August's bee blocks.

Terri has us in the mood for fall with her string blocks.

And Erica had perfect timing when she asked for quilt as you go blocks. Her fabrics were so wonderful and I had been wanting to try out Penny's QAYG blocks for some time. It went quite well, but after only one block I had huge dust bunnies inside my machine.

Heather is hosting a second round quilt along for these blocks and as always, put a fun and funky twist on the whole thing. She mentioned backing each with muslin for some free motion fun. I think I'll try that if I go free motion or not, just to help keep down the crazy dust bunnies. I hate it when my machine goes cruuunch-gronck-schkkkkah.

And look at my pretty - PURPLE - flower. I can't believe I made a purple one, but it had to be done and I actually like it. That's one of the best things about quilting with friends. They make you step outside you favorite colors or blocks and try something fun!

Here's a little note for any of you out there that are pediatricians. Saying "This isn't anything to worry about, Mom. We'll just have the specialist check it out as a precaution." DOES NOT HELP. Moms will still spend all the days until said visit worrying, and perhaps an entire day before with a horrible head ache and on the verge of vomiting.

Thankfully it really was nothing, and the specialist said 'totally normal' after about two seconds.


Mary said...

Glad to hear that everything's okay with you kiddo. Sounds like you had a scary wait!

Hooray for school! Lauren starts pre-school next week and I'm craving routing (and a little free time!) in the worst way!

Stephanie said...

I know the feeling of worrying until your sick to your stomach all too well. Glad it turned out to be fine.

Your purple hex flower is so pretty, I'm not a huge purple fan either, but that's very modern purple. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blocks and that purple is so fun! So glad everything went well at the "specialist". Now that you can breath again have a great weekend;)

Purple Quilter Queen said...

I'm in that same boat awaiting a dr appt for my 19 mnth old son with an ortho dr about his feet. Has absolutely no arches and walks on the insides of his feet. Appt isn't til 10/12! Guess it isn't too serious if we can't get in to see him for 2 months! Your blocks are BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats on school being back in session! I'm right there with ya sista! Jenn

Purple Quilter Queen said...

Oh and p.s. and by the way....purple is so my color! Purple and a hexie...pure heaven! Jenn

erica said...

You're a busy bee! Thanks for making such a beautiful block for me and ahem....sorry for the dust bunnies. I hope you weren't cursing my name!

Clothed in Scarlet said...

I so hear ya! Not so funny the way our body's handle stress. YAY for everything is normal ;0) Sarah

rar said...

Hi! I'm brand new to quilting and have decided to start with hexagons (opportunity for lots of cute fabrics, portable, etc). I'm really enjoying seeing your process with your quilt. I have one question though.
Have you found that 3.5" squares are a good size for 1.25" hexagons? Would you recommend something different?