Monday, February 07, 2011

The Snow ate my Days

Snowpocalypsepaloozageddonicane pounded Chicagoland and dumped 20" last week.  Lines of cars were abandoned mid commute on Lake Shore Drive.

The hurricane part of the blizzard left 4' drifts against the house.  We had to dig out before using the snow blower.  And the boys had two snow days last week.

We were cheering for the Steelers last night. 

Appropriate for all the Cathedral Windows I'm working on!

I finished up a large pillow for my Mom's birthday - but I only took this one picture!  Pillows are so hard to wrap.  So I left the insert out of the package. I'll have to get some good photos next time I visit them.

Confined to the house, I also finished up my February blocks quickly.  This one I paper pieced for a Project Linus scrap quilt put together by Sew Fresh Fabric.

And one last block for the Vintage Sheet Bee.  
These are going to make a fun vintage rose garden!


~Michelle~ said...

Yikes, that really was a ton of snow, huh? And I love the quilty goodness - I was thinking about the Steelers logo last night, and wondering where the stars came from - but now I'll always see the cathedral windows when I look at the logo in the future! :)

Dee said...

feeling the snowpain with you! the boys are out right now trying to chip off at least four inches of ice on the drive!

these pictures are beautiful and your mom is lovely!

thanks for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Wow those last two blocks are so interesting. Love the cathedrals!!! My sis lives in chicago and the night before the storm she was putting some of the storm warnings on facebook, they were actually pretty funny. We got a lot of snow here too but not quite as much as chicago. I'm just waiting for all of this to melt now, I want spring.... badly!

Angela {fussycut} said...

everything looks great! I bet your mom loved the pillow. Are you going to do a cathedral windows tute, btw? I'm interested in seeing how you do yours.

Emily said...

Oh It was all I could do to laugh instead of cry every night I saw those snowed in cars on lakeshore drive on the news! We're finally all dug out and have our chairs out so no one takes our hard earned parking spot! lol. Gotta love chicago!

Your cathedrals look wonderful!!!

randi said...

that is SO much snow to deal with! i am glad it spurred you on to so many awesome projects! love the windows!

Honeybee Quilter said...

I like that paper piece block you are doing for project linus. Is that block available somewhere?

Leslie said...

all that snow is crazy. i love the pink Bee block....looks really intricate

Honeybee Quilter said...

I ordered a book called Paper Pieced Curves but it did not have the block in it. Can you tell me the author's name ?