Monday, May 23, 2011

It's hard to get stuff done sometimes....

I think I'll probably just clear out my unread Reader blogs in the next few days.  So if I haven't stopped by, forgive me.  I'll come by later after I zero it out.

It has been a tad weird the last little bit.

I'm on Facebook and generally use it to stalk my family and a couple friends.   Every so often trying to find an old classmate or two.  A few weeks ago (all I can call it is obsessed I suppose) I was strangely determined to find an old High School boyfriend.  Wasn't sure why I was looking and I just HAD to search, but it was REALLY hard to locate him and it took the better part of a day with no real luck.  Possibly found his home nearby, but not sure.... The other day he popped back into my mind again for no obvious reason, while I was sitting at the computer, so in his name and city went into goggle. 

The first three returns were his obituary.

Having died suddenly, a little more than a week before.

It has all kind of freaked me out on a couple levels.  First off, I'm none too pleased with the turning 40 thing and getting old, but we are not old enough to have our peers die yet!

But even more so, why was I suddenly urged to track him down about a week before he died?  Was I supposed to call him.....Yikes, it's been over 20 years since I last saw him.  Hi, remember me from a lifetime ago?  Just calling for no apparent reason.  How's it going.

His mom and dad still live in the same house and now I really want to talk to them.  Calling THEM would be super strange.  A condolence card I suppose?  They did a nice job with the obituary though - really made me want to hear more about what he has been up to the last 20 years.  There are 24 pictures posted with it, too.  The boy in the senior picture is the one I remember (I gave him that crazy pleather-shouldered sweater for Christmas.  Late 80's, what can I say.  We dated jr and sr year of high school.)

Yep, weird.  I hate weird.  And people I know dieing (knock on wood, I'm lucky that I've only ever lost a couple people).  And it's hard to do other stuff when your brain is trying to make sense of it.  In this age of instant and 24/7,  never is seriously weird.

Rapture would have been easier.

11:11 Drew


Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

Sorry to read this Angela. It's strange sometimes that we get these feelings... and then something like this happens. I think a card is the right way to go. I'm sure his parents would appreciate it.

Jenny said...

by all means angela, YES, clear out your will be very glad!

Im sorry for the loss of your friend and the odd feeling you had that you needed to find him just a week earlier. Im sure his parents would really appreciate a card. and you will probably feel better too!

Shannon said...

Send a card, definitely - and call or stop by in a couple of weeks. Having lost loved ones, I can tell you that nothing meant more to me than hearing from people whose lives they'd touched; even people I barely remembered; even people I hardly knew. There's tremendous comfort for survivors in sharing memories.

Barb said...

That happened to me as well. Went looking for an old high school sweetheart only to find his obit. I did call his sister and we had a nice talk. Bittersweet to hear how everyone was and yet so sad too.