Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Making Gifts!

 May is insane with the end of school and the start of summer...with spring lacrosse tossed in!  I stand around in the cold wind watching boys pummel each other most days.

I'm working on a couple of big quilts, but had a chance to make a quick, fun gift last week.  This would be a perfect teacher gift, too!  I called it a "Summer Gardener's Aid".

Using the tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew! I made a rice heat therapy sack and a reusable cold pack.  A nice, heavy linen makes these super cozy.

For the cold pack I found buckwheat groats and a yummy essential oil at Whole Foods.  The buckwheat groats were only $2.99 a pound and well worth the special trip.  The bag feels so nice with them inside.  I used a sweet orange oil as in the tutorial - I stood at the huge rack-o-oils at whole foods for quite some time sniffing everything.  A few made me gag, and I always went back to the orange, so that was it.

The rice in the heat bag was from the regular grocery store - no need for special jasmine rice inside the bag!

I tied it all up with some muslin and a couple badger balm tins (one for rough hands, another for after sun exposure).  Overall, a fun use for some favorite fabric scraps.

I'll end with a few lacrosse pictures, since that's a majority of my life right now!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Wow - what great teacher gifts! I've been trying to wrack my brain to think of something to make for the kid's teachers since I totally bailed on Teacher Appreciation week. Jenn

leigh said...

you always have such great ideas for teacher gifts! thanks!

soggybottomflats said...

Hey Angela, cute gifts, love them! What kind of fabric did you use for the bags themselves? And where did you buy it? Thanks, Elaine

Katie B said...

Very nice teacher gifts! And thanks for telling us where you bought the essential oils...I've wondered about that!

Anonymous said...

What great Lacrosse pics! Did you take those? It's so hard to get good action shots that aren't blurry. What kind of camera and setting do you use?

Badger said...

Love this! Thanks for sharing!
Love, Your Friends at Badger

Katherine C said...

Oh how I do wish some of my students could see this. This may be the best teacher gift ever. :)