Monday, June 27, 2011

The quilt shop Bee Block

The quilt barn

I had so much fun making this block! In our bee, Cara wanted to make a house block quilt for a family with a baby in NICU as a hope for 'Home'. Click over there to see the other awesome house blocks.

I was inspired by the picture of Becket standing in front of a painted barn at the Quilt N Go shop in Michigan.  Started with the sketch Saturday night and finished first thing Sunday morning!

The quilt barn

I pulled out some blank newsprint, cut it to 12" square as my usable area, and created a sort of paper pieced pattern for myself.

Cara's request for 'no applique' was taken as a challenge. I figured out how to make myself a semi-fluffy cloud. It was the only part of the block that was actually paper pieced. The rest of it was more for scale guidance.

The quilt barn

At the painted barn, one of the quilts was made to look like the wind blew up a corner as they hung on a line. I wanted to add that detail, too. 

I initially planned to piece a little section of half square triangles, but realized it would break the pattern of the quilt front. So I braved it - did a mock up test - and actually inset the HST flip. Quilt Karma smiled on me for trying something new and tricky - I was pleased to see how nicely the wood grain matched all on it's own! I have a little pucker at the corner, but I decided it was a feature, making the wind rumpled fabric look realistic :)

The quilt barn

It was so nice out, I rode my bike over and parked in under the overhang. Picked some wild flowers and fresh strawberries on the way.

That blue fabric Cara sent was perfect for a mini quilt!

The quilt barn

I'm glad to think of a family loving this quilt, as I can hardly stand to send this block away. Would love to hang it in my sewing space!


Kris said...

that's amazing, Angela! The cloud is so intricate, but works perfectly! What a beautiful block for a great cause.

Katie B said...

I love your house! So many cool elements. I really like the roof. :)

Aunt Spicy said...

I am about to ride my bike over and join you! I so love this block! Amazing! The cloud is amazing! WOW!

Jen B said...

I adore this block!

Rene' said...

Angela, what a well thought out, caring house block! I can see why you would not want to part with it, but I am sure it will be appreciated. Thanks for sharing your process!

Stephanie said...

Such an awesome block! Very well planned and tackled, great job!