Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sew to Swap : Blog Hop Book Tour

What a ton of fun!  I am so thankful that Chrissie invited me to join this group of quilting rock stars as we helped her create Sew to Swap.

Hey, that's my hexie on the front! 

I couldn't believe she assigned me purple - I was not a fan.  But I think this was the start of my appreciation of it.  I actually enjoy using purple every so often, now.  One of those great swap benefits.


Chrissie planned and wrote the book - we helped by being actual swap partners and also offering some personal thoughts on everything from favorite quilting tools to your mid-sewing munchies.

This is one of my favorites, from Melanie.

Chrissie gives all kinds of awesome info about swaps - what to make, how to do them, guideline suggestions.  Then there are a bunch of fun projects, from small pillows to large quilts, to make yourself or use for a group swap.

But here's what totally makes this book for me.  She tells REALLY how to do it.

For the Curvy Block Swap she tells you exactly how to do it from start to end - suggesting instructions for your bee mates when it's your month down to how she decided to finish off the quilt once the blocks made it back to her.

Best Part!!!  The Curvy Block Swap Kit.

And she has one of these for each of the projects.  A list of exactly what to send out to everybody.  Isn't that the hardest thing to figure out when it's your month?!

My Quote :)

Look, it's me!  I was excited that they chose to feature this specific quote.  Because it is a big part of why I like to participate in bees and swaps.  The fun friends you make while doing it and the awesome sense of
accomplishment you get after tackling a super tricky request from those new quilty friends.

circle block

I wrote a step-by-step tutorial for the Ringed Double Circle block that I made for Chrissie - both how to draft your ringed pattern, as well as tips on assembly.
The publisher has offered a discount during the blog hop:
Get Sew to Swap now for just $14.99 ($10 off the retail price!). Visit the Martha Pullen Online Store and use promo code SEW2SWAP to get your exclusive discount.
{Offer expires Nov 30, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Special Price in US Dollars, for items that are “in stock” only. Martha Pullen Company reserves the right to correct pricing errors.}

Ok, can you tell I had fun?

Here's the list of all the cool people I got to hang out with while making the book.  Check them out!

November 9 Cluck Cluck Sew
November 10 My Three Sons

November 11 Twin Fibers
November 14 Texas Freckles
November 15 Quilt Dad
November 16 Artsy-Craftsy Babe
November 17 Little Miss Shabby
November 19 A Quilt is Nice
November 20 A Little Sweetness
November 21 House of A La Mode
November 23 Little Bit Funky
November 27 In His Grace



Katie B said...

Such a fun concept for a book! I'd love to get my hands on a copy.

Dee said...

Oh, congratulations! Wow! I'm so impressed and happy for you! What a huge compliment to a very talented lady and great mom!

Leila said...

What a great book! Your tree pillow covers are great too!

amy smart said...

Angela, I was so excited for you when I saw that you were a part of this book! What a fun project! Way to go.

And I too love your tree pillow covers. :)

leigh said...

How awesome is that! So awesome!

Rene' said...

Congratulations Angela! Your hexies on the front cover look so cool! Love your swap block too. Got to get my hands on this book.....might give me the courage to join a bee;-)

Mommarock said...

I love hexies!!! Yours look fantastic. And the book looks like so much fun.

Paula said...

That's so cool. Love hexies!!!

Anonymous said...


Teresa F. said...

Fantastic projects.Congratulations. I'd love to have one of the books.

Beth said...

Oh what fun! You must be so excited--I'm feeling excited for you and I just wandered over here. :)

Congratulations on being part of the book, and thanks for giving such an in-depth review. It has shot to the top of my wish list. Now I just need to gather a group of crafty women.