Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Birthday Quilt Parade!

It's my birthday today - so I thought I should celebrate by finally posting pictures of three more quilts I finished up late last fall.

(and I just noticed that I miss-typed 'Churn' when I loaded them into flickr - hate that)

Mod Chrun Dash

This is the Modern Churn Dash from Amy, over at Diary of a Quilter. I was interested in her method that used the fabrics so efficiently and her pattern is great!

Mod Chrun Dash

I have been really interested in the effect of reversing the conventional negative space. I love Amy's alternating of the negative space with these blocks.

Mod Chrun Dash

I was in the midst of my first fabric diet/quilt challenge with Leigh, so I was running low on neutral solids. Using gray on the back turned out so well!

Mod Chrun Dash

This next one was simply a collection of many of my favorite blues and greens. When you look at my fabric stash, they are leaning towers, way higher than anything else!

(don't tell them, but I've really started to love the pink/orange/yellow combination)

My favorite blues and greens

My favorite blues and greens

Finally, red and blue in fun 'There's a Square in There' improvish blocks. This was just a plain ol' fun quilt to make!

There's an Owl in There

Now, off to ruin my healthy eating/exercise plan a little more. I bought myself a small chocolate ganache cake at Trader Joe's today. We aren't having my official birthday party until Saturday with my Mom and Dad. So I had to get a treat for today :)

Thank you for both the comments of support and also disagreement to my last post.  I enjoyed the email conversations with both sides.


Dresden Quilter said...

Happy Birthday! I love all of your quilts.

Gill said...

Happy Birthday Angela!
I love your quilts - especially the churn dash one!

diana said...

what a nice way to celebrate :)
happy birthday!

Michele said...

Happy birthday! Double celebration is the way to go! Your quilts are amazing!

Dee said...

Happy Birthday and what a gift to share with us of all those beautiful quilts!

Stay strong...your children and their children will thank you!

Katie B said...

Happy birthday! Gorgeous quilts! I think the churn dash is particularly beautiful.

Audrie said...

Happy birthday!!! Look at all those pretty quilts! Beautiful colours!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I love how the backgrounds in the churn dash quilt alternate between white and print! Very nice design.

Hope your birthday is wonderful!

Leslie said...

these are all so pretty but i have to say that the last one is amazing.

Leslie said...

oh and Happy birthday!!! enjoy that cake

Ariane said...

Happy Birthday!! Your quilts are gorgeous!!!

Katie Z. said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Awesome end to the post... Definitely stay strong. We will overcome!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Your quilts are gorgeous I can't decide which is my favorite, and great color combos!

goletagirlwendy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Beautiful quilts.

leigh said...

happy birthday!

amy smart said...

So much fun to see your finished Churn Dash - I LOVE it! The colors are fabulous. I love the other two as well. Each one is wonderful. Congrats on three finishes! Now you can buy more fabric guilt-free. :)

quirky granola girl said...

happy birthday! (late, i know) i love your churn dash quilt. i gravitate toward buying and sewing the blues and greens, too. so it is fun to see a different punch of color.