Monday, February 20, 2012

Working the Fabric

I've been in the midst of lanyards and fabric stacks.


I'm making 18 sets of lanyards and matching folder-things for Becket's school. So out came a bunch of fabric stacks - super fun.

With it a semi-holiday today, I don't have much running around to do. I'm going to try to get most of this finished up. Then I can take some pictures of the folder thing I created - pretty proud of it, as it came out as I planned from the first draft.


Jess said...

I can't wait to see the matching folders. I am a teacher and love to use anything I can make with fabric at school.

Katie B said...

18?? Wow! You're super mom!

LimeRiot said...

I love every single fabric on that table! I'll be watching for the folders!

Deb said...

I'll be watching for the folders also!

Cyn said...

Gorgeous fabrics. Love 'em. You've been busy!

Alice said...

Hey Angela, it's Alice from quilt retreat. I've been having so much fun surfing through your archives. Wow! Your work is consistently amazing. You know I adore the bright colors but your precision and the way you put things together blows me away.
Quick question: in the last pic in this post, there's a blue fabric with white flowers and pink centers in the lower left corner. Do you know what it's called? I've seen it elsewhere and love it but can't identify it. I have to add some to the stash, which has expanded ridiculously since the retreat.