Monday, May 14, 2012

Retreat : Time Warp!!

Mist in the valley was beautiful.

I can still hardly believe I'm already back home!

I had thought I would do a quick post a few more times over the weekend. But I could hardly keep up with the fact that it was already time for the next meal when they rolled around!!

I had a fabulous time with a super cool group of women. But now I have appointments and normal life today.

So, more details will have to wait.

Super proud of my flowers

Quickly, the block I was most proud of this weekend.

I actually jumped up, yelled "I did it!" and marched around to show everybody.

I had so much fun trying out new FMQ patterns, especially these flowers.



LSS said...

Oh, I love that FMQing! Nice job!

Leslie said...

this is the most gorgeous did such an amazing job.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE those flowers!!!!!! Beautiful!