Monday, July 09, 2012

New Whirlygiggles

whirly test

A little late, but I worked on a 4th of July table runner this weekend.

I cut a bunch of whirlygiggles in large and small sizes. I wanted to test out my quilt math - I have two full size commission quilts to make.

(I may have gone on a bit of a fabric binge, getting just the right prints for those quilts. Fabric mail arrival to confess/document this week.)

project notes

I use this blank, bound book to record all my quilt plans and designs.

To get my quilt to end up as close to a traditional full size, without any borders or sashing, I had to adjust my whirlygiggle to about 13.75" square.

I thought a quick table runner for myself would be a good way to make sure my numbers were perfect.


Ooops - I was off by 1/4" across the joining of the four small whirlygiggles. Just an 1/8th on each end, so not a big deal for my table runner. But I'll adjust those for the large quilt. Glad I did a test run!

Nooooooo!   This should be cut with an xtra 1"  Going to try to zigzag it back on.

I was really happy with myself and thought I had an awesome plan to quickly back and bind this. Not so much! An anguished scream was heard when I cut the edge right along my quilting, as I always do, instead of 1" out for a quick turned binding.

I need to recover from it for a couple more days before I post the end result.

Evenly lit

In the meantime, I'm finishing up the diamond quilt being made for my sister inlaw. I wanted to make sure she was good with how all the fabrics were playing together. So we took an overhead photo using two synced bounce flashes and my aqua painted ladder. It was fun!


This is what the floor next to my sewing table looks like. I swipe the trimmed bits right off the edge as I go through all 52 of my diamonds.

start and end

Finally, Becket bought me a new sewing machine this weekend.

It's even aqua with red gingham!

becket's kingdom

Kirby's Yarn is a super cute Wii game if you haven't seen it yet.

The little yarn guy has adventures in sewing notions and patchwork or knit worlds.


CitricSugar said...

I can't decide what I love more - those diamonds or the word whirlygiggles. :-)

Leslie said...

the diamonds are so pretty!! i have apile of scraps from trimming HST's right now...not on the floor though.

Dee said...

Ohhhhh...sighing and sitting here green with envy!

Kelsey said...

Those diamonds are so beautiful!! The quilting on the whirlygiggles looks great :)

Dandelion Quilts said...

Love the diamonds quilt. Love it.