Monday, August 13, 2012

I've been super busy - Instagram Update

Things have been nuts, with the summer wrapping up.

I only need to survive 24 more hours, only 24 more hours....the older two start school on Wednesday.

Organic pretty!

I've been waiting on this pretty little Organic bundle.

Ok, I only needed the bottom two Storyboek II prints...but I couldn't pass adding in the adorable Scamper.


I got a few blue and then green hexagons joined during the Olympics.

Pink sparkle

So Fast!

In my wait for the organic prints for my custom order, I started and finished piecing a Sparkling Cider 64x64 quilt top.

Blackberry goodness.  We picked over 10 cups and made jam, cobbler, and froze some.

Our blackberry bush is WAY overflowing. Becket and I picked over 10 cups of berries Saturday night!!!

I made freezer jam, a cobbler, and froze the last couple cups for smoothies.

Lynn's Quilt

A non-instagram photo...I got the borders added to this quilt my sister in-law asked me to make.

I am super happy with how flat and square it all seems.

A LQS where I will be working. Fun!

And finally, a fun new adventure for me. My first paying job since I left Motorola when Kenton was born in 1998.   (Not counting commission quilts I guess....I actually had to fill out a form for Homeland Security and an application.  Boy has it been a long time!)

I'm working at a super cute local quilt shop called Gentler Times Stitching in Naperville (by the Fox Valley mall for any local people). You can read a little about Brenda, the owner, if you click my link.

They have a fun collection of fabrics AND yarn, plus a good selection of other fiber crafty stuff, and they are a Bernina dealer. Right now I'm learning the store - eventually my official position will be an in-house Bernina tech.  I'll get to learn all the machines really well, along with going to an official Bernina tech training class.  Not sure how it all will go, but it's going to be fun!


Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

I would have thought they wouldn't even allow a new Janome Horizon owner int he door! ;-) That's great, Angela. Be strong and don't spend your entire paycheck on fabric like I would.

Kati said...

LOVE that diamond quilt so much! I'm also completely jealous of your blackberry bush. That cobbler looks amazing! Good luck in your next 24 hours. I still have two weeks until my kiddos start school.

Katie B said...

Wow, you've been so busy! Your quilts are looking gorgeous. Congrats on the new job! That sounds like fun, and you'll learn a ton.

Svetlana said...

Angela, all your projects look fantastic! and wow!!! congrats on you new job! I'll have to stop by there more often now that both you and Julie work there.

Anonymous said...

Love the new quilt! Congratulations and best wishes in your new job!

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to go there! I live in Naperville and look forward to taking a class there

Stephanie said...

How exciting about your new job! I would have a serious fabric hoarding problem though if I worked in a fabric store! Enjoy your new adventure!