Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hidden Treasure

I'm finishing up all kinds of quilts, but have added a tad of knitting into the mix.

I have a few friends who are homeschooling children this year, and they asked if I would do a knitting class for them.

It has been all kinds of fun, and keep forgetting to take a quick picture to share. But one big plus to come of it is that I've enjoyed picking up my needles after a long break.

I totally laughed this morning as I passed a few minutes' wait with a ball of yarn in the van. I noticed a little white spot as I knit along and thought they had just missed a patch with the dye.

Hidden treasure!  Knit half way into the ball and have uncovered a Lego.

Suddenly the treasure appeared.

 A few more rows after this picture, two more lego pieces fell out.

Looks like Becket thought this was a good place to stash some important lego bits - pushed deep into the ball of yarn!


Jeanne W. said...

That made me laugh! My boys have their legos ALL over the house!! It is amazing where you find them....

Katie B said...

Hmm...I wonder if that's where my son's ninjago figure is hiding!

Jan said...

This is too funny. I'd love to see what the kids knit.

CitricSugar said...

Well, Lego is very important! lol. The great thing now is I can justify buying it by calling it a "teacher resource". I may have students that may need to make a stop-motion Lego movie.... :-)

I just finished catching up on your blog. Your free-motion setting tips are great though I'm completely intimidated by your machine right now - haha. Good luck with the new job, too (though it's probably old to you now...)!