Friday, January 11, 2013

Holy UFO, Batman!


I was looking back at the two pictures I already had in the flickr set for Becket's quilt.

They're from May 2009!

I was super excited that month, because I got a great deal on a quilt kit using Tula Pink's Neptune.  Which was already on its way to being out of print, but not yet on the radar of the quilt-land hoarding frenzy that followed.  The kit came with two layer cakes, a bunch of half yard cuts, and a couple yard+ pieces.

I had figured out how to get three each of light and dark bento blocks out of two layer cake squares and went with that idea for Becket's quilt.  Didn't like the pattern that came with the kit.

B cubed started

And I excitedly started a twin bed quilt for my little guy.  In May 2009.

Major bummer, my 'nice' Brother quilting machine had a really weird issue with high thread count material.  No matter what I did, I ended up with skipped stitches in these blocks - as I was using a silky smooth, high thread count kona muslin for the white.

(Also had all kind of fits every time I sewed with Heather Ross' poplins.  Never could figure out the right combination of needle, thread, and settings to get it to work consistently on tightly woven, smooth cottons.)

So, I put it aside for less frustrating projects.  Poor things lingered in a box since then.

becket bento

Now that I have my Janome Horizon, I was brave and pulled everything out for another go. Huzzah! - not a skipped stitch in sight, and I cranked out the huge stack of blocks.  Becket is getting excited that I may have his quilt done some day soon.

The trick now, deciding how to set them all!


Dee said...

Oh how wonderful to find a project that was frustrating and have it all come together! I love that fabric line and can't wait to see your progress!

God bless!

Dresden Quilter said...

I love the Bento Box pattern. Yours will be amazing.

Diane said...

Neptune Love! As you pull another wonderful hard to find lovely fabric out! I have a small stash hoarded, waiting for the perfect use. Have you seen the new Salt Water and know if these colors coordinate?

terrieannie said...

What a treasure find for you!