Monday, January 14, 2013

Lynn's Diamonds {Finished}

I just noticed that I haven't blogged the quilt my sister in-law had me make this summer.

She was building a new house, and needing a quilt to hang on the wall.  She was a quilter long before I started, and hand quilted many of her beautiful tops.  But she decided there was no way she would have time to make another one, and asked if I could do it.


I've posted some of the process photos - this is the Fig Tree pattern she had chosen, along with the pretty Riley Blake fabrics.

Fig Tree Pattern

And talk about a process!

Large piles of trimmings were generated in the making.


I wanted each diamond to be perfectly square - both vertical and horizontal.

The process involved a couple of rulers and lots of trimming, but I didn't mind.  I love lining up points and trimming things just-so.

xtra ruler

Then those nice diamonds were fun to join together.

Phew - done!

After talking it over with my sister in-law, I decided to stipple the outer border and into the setting triangles.  Then echoed both edges of the inner and outer diamonds.

This gave me about a million ends to weave in, but the final look was awesome.

Lynn's quilting

I could look at those points all day :)

I'm still thrilled at how well my new Horizon kept everything lined up.

Diamond Quilting

The whole quilt.

Got to see it hanging in the wild when we visited her at Thanksgiving, that was cool.

Lynn's Diamond Quilt


http://thankfullga447 said...

I just love it, the colors, the quilting. You out did yourself. said...

Absolutely gorgeous and that fabric is perfect for the pattern! I wish Fig Tree provided PDF patterns to save on shipping. Perhaps I'll try to wing this on my own.

Again, your quilt is stunning!

Tabatha from

Chris said...

Wow! Impressive. Love the colors.

Dee said...

Perfect in every angle, line and point! Wow! I love the design process photos you shared too!

Diane aka cameldiva said...

Simply gorgeous, Angela!

I love the seeing the process. And even the details of the quilting. You are a lot braver than me,attempting shapes other than squares.

Svetlana said...

wow, Angela, it's perfect!!! I, too could look at your perfectly matching points for a very, very long time. You did an amazing job!!!!

Diane said...

That is beautiful! Nice job. The colors are perfect and your workmanship as usual is fantastic.

Karee said...

A stunning creation. And I love that exactness provides its reward! Skipping steps just leads to frustration and ripping. You provide the most excellent example of doing it right and the eye candy dividend! Fab, fab, fab.
And I adore Fig Tree patterns & their results.

mascanlon said...

Beautifully pieced! A very pretty quilt and one they will cherish for years to come!

Dolly said...

Oh, that came out just beautiful. Such a nice choice of fabrics picked from that border fabric, I'm guessing.

You certainly did a wonderful job and she is blessed to have you as a sister.

Lisa C said...

Stunning. It's just stunning.

Holli said...

That is a beautiful (beautiful!) quilt!!

Katie B said...

Wow, this is really gorgeous!!!

CitricSugar said...

It's gorgeous, truly! And wow - so precise with matching the points… That elevates the quilt to absolute-stunner level!

Donna said...


LimeRiot said...

Good heavens!! What a massive accomplishment!! This is beautiful and well worth all of the work. Congratulations :).

Chris said...

Just beautiful!

CJ said...


Dresden Quilter said...

This is stunning. I love the colours!

I quilt 4 fun said...

I also have this quilt pattern, but don't think my skills will be a match for it!! You did a beautiful job!