Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mara's First Birthday

June 20, 2014

The Angel and her Bunting

We had the most wonderful day for Mara's first Birthday. It was simple and filled with beautiful things.

And because I think she's the cutest thing ever, I have a crazy number of photos to share :)

First Birthday Dress

Mara wore the Geranium dress I made for her birthday.

I used Joel Dewberry voile, and it was beautiful.


We were trying to get some pictures of her with the balloons and big number One, but she just wanted to read stories. She loves books. (shhh, don't tell her the birthday crown is on. It took just a couple distractions and she wore it around for a long time!)

Classic Mara face

Classic Mara face, so glad we caught it.

It shows up whenever an interesting sound pops up in her world.


Then we heard Grandma and Popa pull into the driveway, so we ran to the front door. Grandma had put a fun collection of things in an open fabric basket for Mara's gift, and a little stuffed puppy was peaking out. Mara is crazy about animals right now, especially birds and dogs. She saw that puppy through the front window and had to grab it as soon as it was within reach.

Crazy Girl Ride

Another classic Mara face - she's a little bit of a wild child, and loves crazy fun.

Kenton gave her a birthday ride, until he was pooped. She wasn't done riding, but I don't think anybody would last long enough for her.

Beautiful Play Silk

With just my mom and dad over - and gifts sent from Aunt Laura and Uncle Chris - Mara had a fun time enjoying each new treasure as she opened them.

Becket and I dyed 8 squares and one long silk scarf. The Dharma acid dye is fabulous. Such saturated colors!


And Mara loved them.

Silly Silk!

With my little bit of Waldrof theme going, Mara also got her first Bamboletta doll.

She is just as beautiful and amazingly crafted as I imagined. I would love to get back to the Vancouver area and visit them some day.  They just started having a day long retreat where they supply you with doll parts and you get to chat and sew.  How fun would that be?!

Ruby - Bamboletta Baby

Aunt Laura, a lover of music, sent a wonderful collection of toddler instruments. The sound of each is wonderful, and the tone on these notes is just beautiful. Mara was so pround of her music.


My mom found the most perfect dog book! Real dog photos, in a child's interactive story book.

At this point, Mara had wandered back over to her balloons, and ended up with them between her legs. She just happily continued on with the balloons trailing all around her.

Dog Book!

She LOVES dogs.

I L.O.V.E. Dogs!



Birthday Girl

Mara was also pretty happy being sung to - as opposed to Becket, poor little guy cried anytime people looked at him for more than a couple seconds.

See - Good!

Hey, have you seen this cake stuff before?

Cake - Yum!

Because I think it's really good.

We all had such a fun time watching Mara enjoy her special day. The group shot even went well! Not the best frame of Mara, but we all look good, and she has just a few photos already.


Mara got to end her day being crazy with Becket, and walking through puddles in her new flip flops. Some of her favorite things to do.

Being One is Wonderful.




Jenny said...

Happy birthday Mara! Great party

Mara said...

Happy Birthday to Mara, love that name, lol! She's a cutie.

Kati said...

Adorable! What a great day!

Katie Z. said...

Congrats to Mara! It looks like a fabulous day.

Audrie said...

Happy birthday Mara!!! :)

Lisa said...

Oh how I miss the days of having a little one's birthday party! She is beautiful and oh so happy!! Happy Birthday Mara!

Laura said...

She's so precious in that little crown! Looks like a fun day!

Andy P Smolin said...