Monday, August 07, 2006

Zoo Here and There

We went to the zoo this past weekend - first trip for Becket. He really seemed to be interested in the animals. First stop was the big cats and they were moving around. Here was Becket as he watched his first zoo creature - the tiger came down and jumped in the pool for us:

The car trip also means knitting time when Mark does the driving. I was going along quite well on the Trellis sweater, but found a small mistake when I got home. As I was tinking back the cable that needed fixing, the zoo creature here decided to join in and create a knotted mess I had to untangle.

I did make it through the back and left side - so now I'm in the home stretch with the right front, but that means button holes. The pattern calls for a simple yarn over, but my buttons are just a bit bigger and I also wanted something with a little more structure. So, I pulled out Elizabeth Zimmermann (read about her - she's quite interesting) and decided to try her 3 stitch button hole. I've decided that the hole is too large and will rip it back and try it with 2 stitches. I love the buttons I found, pewter with a rope-like cable around the edge that is similar to the sweater pattern.

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