Thursday, April 30, 2009

I made a hat! (and a few small squares)

Today was the big medieval festival for my 6th grader. Across all their classes they have been working and this was the big finale. Each child did an oral report on a medieval person, costume and all. Caleb's dude, King Louis XI, wears an interesting cloak and hat. I couldn't find a pattern, so I modified McCall's 4805 to get something close to the drawing we found.

You would not believe how nice it is to wear. Too bad it isn't in style right now. I have worked with wool felt for crafts before, this is the first time I did more than hand-stitch with it. How wonderful it was to work with!

In the afternoon, everybody got to feast on pie - without forks - served by parents. Caleb was aghast that I helped and was wearing my own costume. As your typical 12yr old boy, Caleb wanted nothing to do with a picture with me, so here's one of my dress from trick-or-treating. (Becket was the knight, protecting me) That's a muslin under dress, corset, and top skirt. It is so comfortable I could wear it 24/7, and considering how much time I put into it I'm tempted! I made it for last Halloween, but love Tolkien, medieval, and Nordic stuff so this was just fun to do.

I did finally have time to start cutting for my first 9-patch-along blocks.

NPR has a podcast I enjoy called called Planet Money, and an economic researcher said they 'scientifically' label people as tightwads - they have a real, physical pain associated with spending money. I seriously had to take a deep breath cutting my gnomes and hedgehogs. I seem to be a fabric tightwad.


Mushyhed said...

I love, love, love your choices in fabrics for this nine patch! Did you fussy cut the gnomes?

P.S. Great costumes! You did an awesome job.

Kelli said...

LOL. I had ONE 10" square of that gnome fabric. My sister had received it in an ugly (what?) fabric swap. You wouldn't believe how far I made that one square go :)