Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wonky Pillow - Spring to Finish #1

I was inspired to make use of two practice wonky blocks I made and quilted a couple of months ago. They were my first try at free motion quilting before attacking a whole quilt. Two blocks, a zipper, and an Ikea bed pillow make for a nice lovey for Becket (especially since he picked out the fabrics).

I added the zipper so I could easily wash it, since boys are prone to making messes. I used this great tutorial. Half way through I thought there was no way it would work, but trust the process and by the end you have covered zipper magic! Here is the edge on the back where I put it - you can hardly see it there in the middle of the green.

I really wanted a cute picture of Becket with his pillow, but all I could get was a blur as he dropped it and ran!

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kangaroo said...

these are so great! we too have 'magic pillows' in our house; Big B used to think his pillow 'told' him what to dream at night. so cute.