Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creative Help Please!

If you're wondering where the US supply of Figgy Pudding went, I have it. At least it seems that way! During The Quilt Shoppe's birthday sale I picked up a bunch of this pretty line for a special church event in mid November.

Three Honey Buns and Four Jelly Rolls

Four fat quarter packs

They were out of the brown fat quarter pack, so some yard cuts of my favorite browns, plus some extra of those wonderful reds and aqua trees.

Now, I would love some help from all you creative, crafty women out there! I have volunteered to decorate a table for our women's tea and want to do a quilty theme. Two years ago I did one, and made lighted, glass packages. Hard to see, but each cube has mini Christmas lights inside.

You can hang things on the chair backs, too. (My mom helped me get the table all set and made some of those bows, too)

It doesn't have to be Christmas-y. Here is a friend's spa table.

And another's super cute picnic theme. There were plastic ants all around!

So, I'm thinking about making a quilted tablecloth of some kind - but I plan on keeping it all light, fresh, and modern looking. I love Moda's jelly rolls, and thought about using a few of them in the center on a cake plate a-la-Camille. I also really like how a fun quilted pillow can show off a wonky log cabin or star. The middle of the table should have just a little height and some light. I have been thinking it over but can't figure out how to work pillows into that. Or maybe not at all?!

I would love any ideas from the creative group on making a quilty table scape! I need to get going if I'm going to make a bunch of stuff. Thanks!


Kris said...

What if instead of pillows, you made blocks like these on Oh Fransson? http://www.ohfransson.com/oh_fransson/2009/06/june-fabric-focus.html

They might give you height and the ability to showcase some log cabins or stars, but without the challenge of pillows...

Jennie said...

You could line some cake stands with quilted placemats and arrange jelly rolls and honey buns on them!
~ Jennie

Life of Joy said...

I found this kitchen gift set tutorial that I have saved for the future. If you are going to make a table cloth the potholders and kitchen towels could be cute.

Maybe some kind of 1940's-1950's themed table with some cool canisters for height.

I love kitchen stuff from that era.

I love that fabric! I am still trying to get a normal stash together so I have not even ventured to holiday/seasonal.

Life of Joy said...

Sorry I forgot to give you the link to the tutorial


It is on the right under the wonky log cabin tutorial.

heather said...

It will be fabulous! You by chance don't go to Calvery Church do you????

craft-crazed said...

Oh I love Jennies idea get the different size cake treys and tea treys to put jelly rolls and honey buns on! fantastic!!!

One Flew Over said...

There is a lovely patchwork table cloth in the book 'Last minute patchwork and quilted gifts' from Purl Soho.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

hmm.. my wheels are spinning hmmm

Anonymous said...

I want some Figgy Pudding!!! What a fantastic idea, and I love the Cake Plate idea with placemats and jelly roll cakes on top:) Everyone has such cute ideas! Don't you just love what blogging has done for us!!!!

Dresden Quilter said...

Yes, I have been looking for Figgy Pudding. I have been thinking about making a Christmas quilt as a wedding gift. I don't know too much about the couple's style, so I thought a Christmas gift might be a good solution.