Monday, November 09, 2009

Aussies only

Want to trade for some fabric?

I want - no NEED - this book

Halt's Peril
Ranger's Apprentice S.
By John Flanagan

The whole family loves this series. John Flanagan came to our city, and he's as wonderful as the books. Fun, witty, great adventure.

Two Rangers and a Skandian - Halloween 2007

The US publisher is three or four books behind Australia, and they only come out every six months or so. I have ordered all the past books, and am not willing to wait another couple years to find out what happened after the last book's cliffhanger.

I can order the book from Fishpond, but I thought it would be more fun to trade a similar dollar value of fabric with somebody over there. Anyone interested?


Lara said...

Hi Ange - I live in NZ but can get this book pretty easily (especially as Fishpond is NZ based)... Email me if you are interested and we can go over the details :)

Audrie said...

Pity my sis who still lives in Oz isn't a quilter... good luck finding the book!!

Anne D said...

Hey I just wanted to tell you how much I love your minis. I usually look and don't comment. Good luck finding the book. I am an aussie so I feel that I can commment but not living there at the moment so sorry cant help.

Dee said...

Oh Ange...we have all the books (since we live in boyland!) lol and your boys are awesome! Mine are a bit bigger and wanted ranger cloaks...we priced them out to make with the fabrics they wanted...over $100 a piece! Ouch! Ouch! When they're outgrowing jeans at the pace of a size a month or so...jeans must come first! LOL

Good luck finding the book!

Lara said...

Ordered :) It'll be on it's way to your family soon!!