Friday, September 17, 2010

Rainbow of Happiness

A fun rainbow block for Bee Beautiful - Vicki sent us a pile of 2" squares, asked us to add a few of our own. I had to send it back quickly, before I kept it myself.

When downloading my pictures, I realized I hadn't looked at the ones I took during Becket's first day of preschool this year.

The first thing he did was draw a Star Wars battle on the big chalkboard.
{They're wonderful, old chalkboards. Original to the old, one room schoolhouse building the preschool lives in}

(I just noticed that I spelled 'their' wrong in the photo - but now I have to make all new photoshop layers and stuff because I flattened and closed the file. Totally annoying...I don't have time to fix it.)

Then he spent a bunch of time at the paint easels. This year they have pallets and extra brushes available to them.

His teacher showed how he could mix his own, custom paint colors. The teacher said he's there every day now! His favorite color to mix is green.

I have a rainbow pile waiting in vintage sheets. Ready to become a QAYG block. I think this will be my block for the Vintage Bee I'm in.

But I have to clean and stuff - bunch of family is arriving for the weekend, and we'll be having a 2yr old birthday party for my nephew.

Lots to do!


Mary said...

Wow, I love that rainbow block! SO pretty!

Leslie said...

i love the rainbow block..the squares are so tiny!! i love how intense his face is about mixing his paint colors.

Kris said...

I love the little postage stamp block! That kind of block always makes me nervous since the seams need to be so exact!

Stephanie said...

Her quilt is going to be so colorful. I love all those little squares.

Painting is so fun. I can remember standing at the easel the whole time in preschool myself, my mom has many paintings to prove it :)

silversmith said...

i have a set of the sheets with the red flowers on it at home. i decided to retire them from use just this year and i used them my entire childhood. i do have them set aside for a quilt later.

Sarah Craig said...

What a great block! I'll need to remember that for the next bee I'm in - it would be a great way to use up a bunch of scraps! And it's going to make a very cool quilt!